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25 June 2007 @ 11:26 pm
Something New...  
No I do not know what this is about. Nor do I know where I am going with this. But I began this a few days ago and recently added some more before I made it public. Anyways, here is something new I have done, and hopefully you all can enjoy this.

He slowly let out a small drag escape from his mouth. Flicking the ash onto the brick road, he brought the joint back to his mouth as he let out all the air from his lungs. Just as the end touched his lips, the man instantly began to inhale another drag into his lungs. He kicked off the wall he was leaning against and flicked the spent papers into the darkness behind him. His boots made a dull thud that echoed across the warehouses walls. Continuing down the alleyways, he quickly shrugged his shoulders to reawaken the feeling that had been lost earlier. As he entered the middle of a poorly lit alleyway, he stopped instantly.

A short moment passed, water dripping off in the distance that echoed all around. "So.... How long was I supposed to wait until you finally came out of the darkness?" His voice bounced all around him, slowly getting quieter and quieter. The man turned around and looked up above him towards the rooftops. An low, irritated growl hissed from his lungs as he squinted his eyes. "Fine. If you won't speak to me, then I have no need to waste my time with you." He turned back around and continued on his path as a shadow fell behind him without making a sound. The shadowed figure tried to sneak up on the man, but before they could prepare for their attack, they found out that it was he who had the upper hand.

Before moving any further, the figure heard a faint click, and knew that they were caught off-guard. The muzzle of a pistol was gently pressed into the back of their skull. "I never travel alone. Never have. Never will." He turned around and faced his stalker.
That Thing Ain't Got No Feeling In It: calmCalm
_sarcasmic on June 26th, 2007 06:40 am (UTC)
I've already critiqued you in person, so I won't do it again here for all the public to witness. ^.~

I love you dearly, and I look forward to seeing where this goes.